Drupal: Speed Up Simpletest Tests Usign Live Database

If you want to speed up Drupal Simpletest bootstrap a simple trick is to use the live database instead of the sandbox enviroment created by Simpletest. To do this simply override setUp and tearDown methods as reported below:

Telecom Italia Is Using Ortro

I’ m happy to announce Ortro is also used in Telecom Italia now. An older version of Ortro (updated to the latest version right in these days) was already used in such departments of Telecom Italia as an experimental software for application monitoring. But in the last time I had a confirm Ortro is, as I like to define it, mainly a “Framework” helping you to solve the daily problems encountered in monitoring and job activities.

Caching Dynamic Content Using Nginx

If you need a static version of your dynamic web application maybe you may interested to configure Nginx as reverse proxy cache so it can cache also dynamic contents (pages with ? in the URI).

Well, if this is your scenario, let’s go to configure Nginx. Requirements